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(How We Do It)

BEETS - 18 inch wide rows. 

BROCCOLI & CABBAGE - Seedlings purchased at local feed store. Spring and Autumn crop.

GARLIC - Largest cloves from previous year's crop are planted in wide, raised beds in September.  Heavily mulched with sawdust.  During Spring, flowers must be pinched to assure bigger roots.  Harvest is in July after the tops yellow.

GLADIOLIUS - Though not a vegetable, we enjoy them.  Lifted each Autumn and replanted each Spring using wide rows.  Mulched with sawdust.

LIMA BEANS - 18 inch wide rows with sawdust layer as mulch.

ONIONS - Wide raised bed with sawdust mulch.

PEAS - "Maestro" - prolific - planted as early as possible - usually before last frost.

POLE BEANS (Summer) This crop grows in the same space as our pea crop.

POTATOES - Planted on tilled ground and hoed only once into high raised bed at planting time.  Mulch heavily with sawdust.

SQUASH - The "Zephyr" variety is extremely prolific.  Winter variety is "Butternut" squash.

SWEET CORN - Seeds are approx. 8 inches apart, rows are 16 inches apart.  Produces good pollination.  Between each corn seed is a bush bean seed - acts as a disguise to hungry crows since the beans sprout first.

SWISS CHARD - Produces a better yield in our area than spinach. 

TOMATOES - "Bell Star" - a large plum tomato with excellent yield.  Planted after last frost as seedlings - in 24 inch diameter of concrete wire and heavily mulched with newspaper and grass clippings.

TOMATOES - "Better Boy"  - a favorite of ours - great in Zone 5 - yield is excellent.  Planted and mulched as above.